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Cryptocurrencies have been around since 2008, when, in response to the great financial crisis, the President of the United States of America, George W. Bush, signed the so-called Paulson Plan.

The project aimed to save the financial sector by transferring $700 billion of taxpayers’ money to cover creditors’ unpayable debts.

This involved saving several rogue bankers and financial institutions from collapse, which aroused considerable resentment in some quarters.

This led to developing a currency that was impossible to counterfeit, independent of outside institutions and intermediaries. This was the moment when the world got to know bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency trading platforms

With the growing public interest in cryptocurrencies, unique platforms appeared in the digital space, used to make investments using the new “money” and trade this digital currency on a particular exchange.

Due to their unusual form, cryptocurrencies remain a mystery and a difficult-to-understand phenomenon for many people, which seems to prevent them from investing in this growing bullion. In response to the needs of those whose knowledge of virtual coins and their specifics is significantly limited, the Fumbi platform was created, which in a simple and accessible way supports the investment activities of both beginners and experienced stock market players. Let us take a closer look at it.

What Fumbi really is?

Bitcoin coin

Fumbi is a company founded by a group of Slovak entrepreneurs specializing
in individual asset management services of cryptocurrencies. The platform provides its clients with easy access to safe and straightforward investments with minimal risk. The company’s fully legal activity covers almost 60300 active users, for whom it provides the most comprehensive cryptocurrency offer on the market, containing as many as 25 options.

Who can use the platform?

The platform is available to all individuals who want to start safe investment activities in the cryptocurrency market without incurring significant costs.

How does it work? (Investment, market fluctuations, and hedging funds)

When considering the choice of platform to start your adventure with investing
in virtual currencies, it is best to look for companies that guarantee the highest security of transactions on the portal. In this case, Fumbi is one of the best solutions.

Anyone can start operating with cryptocurrencies without presenting any permits or certifications. So if you want to invest, you can simply do it at any time.

All you need to do is, register a new account on the portal and make your first deposit of 50 Euro, which will be credited within a maximum of 3 business days. And that is all. From that moment on, the funds you deposit will be converted into cryptocurrency and managed by an intelligent algorithm developed especially for Fumbi. So how does it look like in practice, and how to start the adventure with Fumbi? We will explain it in a moment.

Algorithm for Fumbi

Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Software

The unique feature of the Fumbi algorithm is its ability to holistically analyze cryptocurrency exchange traffic, which, regardless of the dynamics of this traffic, allows investors’ portfolios to react gently to any, even the most substantial fluctuations in their value. As a result, cryptocurrency investors are not affected by sudden increases or decreases in the virtual coin value.

Pros and cons of the platform

We have already mentioned that you do not need any certificates to start your adventure with cryptocurrency trading. All you need to do is register an account and pay the minimum deposit required, the amount of 50 Euros, which immediately after being credited are exchanged for virtual assets. However, you can’t ignore some rules that will allow you to use this type of investment.

Bank account for own data

Each user of the Fumbi platform must have a bank account registered in the name of the natural person through which he/she will make deposits to the portal account. The details of the holder of both accounts must match in full. It is not possible to transfer the Fumbi account to another person or to grant a power of attorney to a third party.

Full freedom in making investment decisions

It is worth noting that account holders in the program can feel completely comfortable with the actions they take. Maintaining an active account does not require participants to make regular deposits. Each deposit the user transfers to the account at their own discretion. 

However, it is worth remembering that long-term investments, although they do not bring a sudden increase in funds, are definitely safer than those assuming a massive income in a short period. It is, of course, a profitable option, but it is better to leave it to experienced people.

Moreover, by investing through Fumbi for more than two years, the user is exempted from paying for the profit generated.

Any deposit amount

Fumbi account holders can make larger or smaller deposits at different intervals to suit their needs. It is also important to note that if you have not taken any action during a given period and there is no active investment in your account, you will not be charged for that time.

What’s more, even if the activity is low, a Fumbi account will not be cancelled without the explicit instruction of the account holder, but no sooner than 30 days after registration. At this time the first withdrawal can be made. Closing an account does not incur any additional fees.

Cryptocurrency not exactly elective

We mentioned earlier that Fumbi is a place where the richest portfolio of cryptocurrencies is gathered. However, it should be considered that at the time of creating an account on the portal, we do not have the opportunity to choose which of them we want to invest in and which not. Therefore, the deposit we pay is invested in the whole portfolio offered by Fumbi.

However, it is worth noting that this portfolio is a collection of the most secure and promising virtual funds, and further action can be taken using the products offered by the platform.

Transactions’ cancellations and other activities

As with traditional bank accounts, special care must be taken when using your Fumbi account. The portal does not allow the cancellation of an already made deposit. If the transaction is not canceled at the investor’s bank before the funds are transferred to the Fumbi account, they will, as per the rules, be immediately directed to trading. The same applies to the withdrawal of the funds collected. A withdrawal order from your Fumbi profile is not subject to cancellation.

It should also be remembered that the currency in which we can receive the profits generated through the portal is exclusively the Euro, and a partial withdrawal of funds below the amount of 10 thousand Euro is not possible.

How much does it cost to invest?

There are three aspects to the fees associated with maintaining an account on the Fumbi platform. The first is the exchange rate, which we must deal with when depositing and withdrawing funds. The second is the annual license fee which entitles the user to use the capabilities of the platform’s dedicated algorithm. Finally, the third issue is related to the profits achieved through the portal, functioning on a commission basis.

A range of possibilities, i.e., available products

The Fumbi platform offers its users access to several products with different capability profiles. Among them, we can take advantage of the following options:

  • Index Portfolio, which tracks the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies, analyzed daily by Fumbi’s algorithm
  • Own Choice, allowing you to invest in selected cryptocurrencies. Currently, these are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano and PolkaDot
  • Bitcoin and Gold, enabling simultaneous and evenly regulated investments in BitCoin cryptocurrency and pax gold in a 50:50 ratio
  • Business, allowing you to purchase the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, PolkaDot through the company
  • A safe deposit box that guarantees the highest level of security for the funds collected using Ledger Vault technology, currently responsible for the integrity of cryptocurrencies worldwide worth billions of euros. Additional benefits include access to a personal consultant and a real-time audit. The annual fee for this product is only 0.89-1.29% of the yearly deposit.
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