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IQ Option – is it worth using the services of a broker? Your reviews

| Updated: July 19, 2018

Not so long ago, financial investments were associated mainly with well-dressed people spending half of their lives in stock exchange buildings. Currently, this situation is changing very rapidly. Free Internet access and many modern online tools mean that each of us can become a small – or a really serious –  investor in the comfort of our own home.

Online investments – we are checking out current trends

IQ Option homepage. Source: http://iqoption.com

Although today there are numerous options to invest your money online, modern trends are leading us primarily towards cryptocurrency and forex. What exactly are they about?

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular in recent times. The number of  cryptocurrency market transactions is growing, while all over the world, more and more cryptocurrency excavators are shooting up like mushrooms. These are special computers, and, basically, electronic combines, which derive computing power from many graphics cards connected in series and bring out the precious currency.

Of course, you can get some return on cryptocurrencies not only by mining and selling them. There are also extensive stock exchanges where you can buy cryptocurrencies and then sell them at a profit when the exchange rate increases. Cryptocurrencies are also invading our daily lives. There are already shops, service outlets and restaurants all over the world where you can pay with this currency.

Investments in the Forex market are based primarily on benefiting from small differences in exchange rates of various currencies, which fluctuate minimally every day. More experienced investors, however, may also benefit from the prices of oil or even gold.

IQ Option – what does this platform specialize in?

In order to run your online investments conveniently and effectively, but, above all, safely, you should use a specialized platform. The safest way is to use the services of regulated brokers who have been on the market for a long time and can boast of great trust.

One of the most interesting options is definitely the IQ Option investment platform, which is attractive because it provides investors with a wide range of investment opportunities. The platform specializes in trading on markets such as:

  • cryptocurrencies – the platform currently handles transactions for the 13 most popular cryptocurrencies;
  • Forex – one of the largest financial markets at the moment; in this case, the platform allows to carry out  investments for 29 different currency pairs;
  • investments in shares and stock quotes.

How to set up an account and what does investor verification look like?

Bitcoin – is it a worthy investment?

However, in order to start your investment adventure on this platform, you need to set up your user account. It is completely free, and the registration process itself is not especially complicated, although you have to go through as many as 3 steps of data verification. According to the information provided by the company, this kind of registration process is necessary to guarantee the users a high level of security.

The whole process begins with entering your personal details, including the current phone number. Afterwards, we move on to verification, which consists in:

  • confirming the e-mail address by copying the code sent to the address provided during registration;
  • in the next step, carrying out phone number verification in the same way, that is the code received in a text message has to be entered on the website;
  • during the following step, one needs to provide some private financial information, which, however, has no impact on the user’s account status;
  • the last stage of verification consists in sending a scan of one’s ID card, drivers license or passport together with a recent bill which would confirm the data from our ID.

After appropriate verification, the user’s account is fully activated, giving access to all functions of the platform.

How to play and invest? A short guide

Investments are always associated with a certain risk, which must be remembered, and therefore it is worth approaching them with a certain emotional detachment, keeping a cool head. In our opinion, at the beginning you should set a certain maximum budget that you can spend on possible losses, and stick to it.

To build one’s strong position on the investment market, it is worth starting with small steps. First of all, we never invest our entire monthly budget at once, but only a certain part of it, for example 1/10.

It may be a good solution to invest, as much as possible, only the funds already gained. If we gained $50 in the last investment, we should invest this amount in the next round. Why is it safer? In case of failure, we lose only our profit, still retaining the entire initial capital.

Of course, the most crucial thing is constant analysis of the market, learning its behavior and trying to predict what will happen in the near future. As an example, professional investors are able to predict, with truly great accuracy, the upcoming movements of the exchange rate.

Is there a demo version available?

Online investments are not easy

A big advantage of the IQ Option investment platform is the possibility of setting up a free demo account. This is a valuable tool, especially for those who have not had any contact with online investments before.

A demo account gives you access to the majority of standard investment tools on the platform. First of all, you can familiarize yourself with the platform without any stress, and also test your investment skills using virtual cash. This account is not associated with any investment risk.

Deposits and withdrawals

IQ Option is quite an interesting place also in regards to deposits and withdrawals. The minimum deposit required on the platform equals $10 and, in our opinion, it is currently one of the lowest on the market.

Withdrawals, on the other hand, can be made in any amount and as often as you like. The company guarantees that deposit withdrawals take up to 1 business day at the most.

Customers’ reviews

Because the broker will be trading our personal money, one obviously needs to make as sure as possible that a given platform is trustworthy. Therefore, we looked at a large number of opinions from people who have used the platform, and the number of positive comments is quite surprising.

Although, of course, there is no shortage of negative opinions, either, many people praise low deposits, good investment conditions, and also fast payouts and honest commissions. The information we have found also shows that there are no major problems with contacting customer service in this place.

A short summary

Of course, investment platforms are not ideal and they never will be. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, which result from, above all,  differences in the investors’ individual needs.

In our opinion, the most important thing is that before selecting a specific broker, one should carefully examine it. We check whether the investment platform is regulated, we read all the details of regulations, and we look for opinions from other people on the web.

In the case of IQ Option, we have access to a free demo account. Thanks to it, without taking a risk, one can fully familiarize oneself with the platform’s capabilities.

Investment risk

Investing on the IQ Option platform is associated with a high risk of losing all of the invested funds. You should not invest cash that you cannot afford to lose. Binary options are prohibited in EEA

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  2. I have just one question – to use the demo account, do I also have to go though this huge process of user account verification, or can I use it without the account? I just want to see the options this platform provides, I don’t want to register right away.

  3. tell me, please, what options they have to contact support? Is there anything beyond sending tickets, which most often go in space and are never received by anybody???


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